Never Give Up!



Betsy is the youngest of five children. Her mom taught school while her dad managed a restaurant. 

During the summer, while her grandparents pulled lobster traps to make ends meet, Betsy’s job was to catch fish for the family dinner. “My mother never said 'Can’t,' she said ‘You just get it done.’"

Betsy’s dad always told her, “Leave a place better than you found it. He meant, “sweep the floor”; she took it to mean “change the world.”

Progressive Pioneer

 After graduating college, Betsy went on to become a pioneer in progressive advocacy in Maine, as a women’s rights activist. 

She helped found the Dirigo Alliance, Equality Maine, the Maine Center for Economic Policy the Women’s Legislative Agenda Coalition, and many other coalitions over the years, knowing we are stronger together. 

Her work to craft Maine’s Clean Elections law and Family Medical Leave Act became models for the rest of the nation.  

Community Organizer

Betsy is a long-time community organizer, entrepreneur with two businesses and, most importantly, a mom of three girls. 

She has, for over thirty years, stood up to moneyed interests so that everyday Maine people have a voice at the table. 


Betsy has worked hard to increase access to healthcare, strengthen Maine’s economy, improve education, reduce student debt, protect Maine’s environment, and improve the lives of women, people with disabilities, survivors of abuse, and victims of discrimination.

Working Together

Together, we can put the working people of Maine ahead of big donors, corporate PACs, and wealthy lobbyists. Will you join the campaign to help Betsy win? We would love to have your help! Click on the Join Betsy button to give us your contact information and ways you wish to get involved. Thank you!