Letters to the Editor


Mills isn’t Gun Sense candidate Democrats must nominate

Janet Mills has a long record on gun safety, and it is a record that should make voters pause. Her legislative career shows an unwillingness to consider, much less advocate, common-sense gun safety measures.

In ranked-choice vote, Betsy Sweet belongs at the top

It is Sweet who will be ranked first on my ballot. I feel fortunate to have an opportunity to vote my conscience and maintain my strong-held pragmatic idealism in the same election.

Betsy Sweet will fight for issues with strength and compassion

She will be my No. 1 vote on June 12, and I encourage others to join me. Our state will be in good hands with Betsy Sweet.

Betsy Sweet cares for the everyday person

Betsy cares for the everyday person and really understands that life is unjustly hard for some people. She is smart, compassionate, wise, creative, hardworking, principled, experienced and energetic.

Farmer for Sweet

There is but one gubernatorial candidate talking about food sovereignty and farming policy beneficial to small farms and community-based food production. She has come to our farm and seen late winter in the barns and snowy fields. Her name is Betsy Sweet.

Betsy Sweet understands the importance of Portland to the rest of the state

As the mayor of the largest city in Maine, I believe it is imperative that we have someone in the Blaine House who understands the importance of Portland to our state. That is why I am supporting Betsy Sweet in the Democratic primary on June 12.

Progressive candidate Sweet has experience, values to lead us wisely

Betsy has a great deal of legislative experience that will serve us well, but more important are her values.

Sweet is best for Maine

She’s serious about wanting to serve the people of Maine as the governor of our great state. As a young mother in northern Maine who wants a great future for my daughter, she’s got my vote.

Before voting, ask yourself these questions

Over 4,600 people helped get Betsy on the ballot with their $5 Clean Election campaign contributions. She has raised more money than most of the other candidates from either party, and it was all from people who want a governor who will put us first.

Sweet can win in November

Betsy Sweet is the candidate for governor who can win in November and here’s why:

Sweet is first choice

Sweet is a proven advocate with innovative ideas and a long record of fighting for policy change.

Sweet prioritizes family-friendly policies for all

I’m voting for Betsy Sweet, because we’ve spent almost eight years listening to an angry governor. Now it’s about time we have a governor who can make the residents of this beautiful state smile about the future of Maine.

Casting my vote for Betsy Sweet

She has worked across the aisle to create the country’s first Family Medical Leave and Clean Elections acts, expanded health care coverage, meaningful supports for helping families get into good-paying jobs, protecting women’s reproductive lives and a fair system of taxation.

A strong voice for food sovereignty

She has come to our farm, seen late winter in the barns and snowy fields, and has reached out to include our work in her bid for governor. Her name is Betsy Sweet.

Longtime activist Betsy Sweet would move Maine forward

Betsy Sweet is unquestionably the best choice for governor of Maine. After eight years of Paul LePage’s policies setting Maine back, it’s time to move forward, and there’s no one better than Betsy Sweet.

Vote for Sweet in Democratic primary

Moneyed interests are eroding prosperity and opportunity, intentional or not, by closing doors behind them and consolidating wealth and power to a dangerous degree..

Time to let fresh air into campaigns

Betsy Sweet has been an advocate for Mainers as long as I can remember. We have a chance to tap into Sweet’s enthusiasm and commitment and make Maine a decent community that puts people first once again.

Candidate not beholden to those who give money

Please vote for Betsy Sweet in the Democratic Primary on June 12. Help get big money out of Maine politics, and get a responsive, experienced leader in the Blaine House.

Gun-violence prevention a priority? Don’t back Mills

When you go into the voting booth on June 12, please be sure you go in armed with the facts.

Plenty to be optimistic about for state Dems

So, the 2018 convention produced some fine candidates. I am excited and can’t believe I am after all we have been through, but if we vote, we will make the kind of progressive change we wanted in 2016 a reality.