The Economy

Buy local, Buy Maine.

State government must favor Maine small businesses in purchasing and promoting our business products to the state, country and world. Then state and university cafeterias will serve Maine food. We will support our local farmers with capital investment, joint processing facilities and coordinated marketing in and out of state.

Grow our Economy from the Bottom Up. Create Regional Development Authorities that will develop plans and do the financing on a regional level. State government will decentralize decision-making and resources for entrepreneur help, business assistance, tourism, Main Street development, and innovative business ideas.  

Expand high-speed broadband. State government must use its financial resources and its regulatory authority to bring that high-speed broadband to every household in Maine.

Legalize and promote industrial hemp, an industrial business with potential for retooling vacant mills to be productive again. 

Go green. Build green. Reduce, re-use, recycle. Make Maine a leader in green economics, increase tourism based on our policies.

Incentivize Corporate/Business policies consistent with Maine values. Use business tax structure as a way to incentivize behaviors, investments and worker treatment that is consistent with Maine values. 


"I want to replace the culture of no with a culture of yes.
My focus is on
celebrating and enhancing all of the incredible things about Maine, not accepting limitations. It’s a law of nature that what we focus on is what we get more of, so let’s focus on what is good! The economy should work for people, not the other way around.”

~ Betsy