Environment, Energy, Climate Change

Sign on to the United States Climate Alliance. 

I will add Maine to the 15 other states who have signed onto an alliance to achieve Paris Agreement climate goals by 2025.

No state money or approvals for more fossil fuel use.  No more pipelines, refineries, LNG facilities. Invest in solar, wind, hydro, geothermal, and tidal sources so that Maine is energy independent by 2030.

Create a statewide trails network. Maine is sprouting up local trails across the state. I will direct the Maine Department of Transportation to support local trails and develop connections between trails so that people can hike, run, and bike safely from Kittery to Madawaska.

Support mass transit.  Maine pays $4 per capita for mass transit; the national average is $45. Support systems of public transportation.

Bolster the Land for Maine’s Future Program. A political football under LePage, it’s time to let them do what they do well.

Promote electric cars by ensuring charging stations available throughout state; convert state government fleet over time to electric cars; consider rebates for electric car purchases.

Make state government a model green organization using renewable energy, green cars, walkable state campuses, and best sustainable practices.