Give kids a chance at affordable higher education. 

Provide two years of free tuition to young Mainers in exchange for a year of public service. This will teach young people the virtues of giving back, community engagement, and help them address the escalating costs of education.  

Bring Back programs for technical and skills-based education.

Pay teachers better. We are losing skilled teachers to retirement and few are entering the field because of low pay and unfair retirement benefits. I will set a minimum of $40,000 for starting salary for teachers.

Cut back on standardized tests. Educate for collaboration, innovation, group work and civic responsibility. Our education system was born in the 1920’s  and has become about numbers and standardized tests. Instead, let's emphasize teaching strategies that enhance today’s communities and economy.

Make pre-k available to every 3 and 4-year old in Maine, where the most difference can be made in education, as well as affordable day care and developmental services. Let’s invest our money where we know it will work.