Please Vote

for Betsy as your first choice!

Election Day is Tuesday, June 12. You can vote that day or any day you wish during early voting, which has begun across the state, if you will be busy or away on June 12. Every vote is critical, so please remind friends, neighbors and colleagues to VOTE. You can help Betsy's campaign by posting your support for her on Facebook, twitter, Instagram, blogs, etc—we deeply appreciate your efforts to share why you support Betsy, a progressive woman and only clean election Democratic candidate in the race. Let's work together for positive change in our state!

If you wish to vote for Betsy but are not a registered Democrat, don't worry. Unenrolled Independent voters can register to vote up until, and even on, Election Day right at your polling place. 

This year the ballot will look different because the election will be determined by ranked choice voting, which  lets voters rank their choices based on individual preference. First choices are counted, and if no candidate has a majority of the vote, an instant runoff occurs in which the candidate with the least support is eliminated and voters who picked the eliminated candidate have their vote counted for their next choice. This process is repeated until one candidate has a majority. Be sure to mark Betsy your first choice! 


“We are at a crossroads. We can continue to try and tinker with a broken system or we can do something completely different—get money out of politics and solve the real issues facing Maine people. I believe the people closest to the problem are closest to the solution, so we need to listen to them about what will work!”

~ Betsy