Keep Democracy Alive:
Take 5 to Give $5

Clean Elections

As a Clean Elections Candidate, I Answer to Maine People. No big funders. No PACs. Just You.

Our Democracy is in trouble, and we all know it. We need to get the influence of big money out and the voices of real people in. Take 5 to Give $5. Keep Democracy Alive. 

Kind of catchy, right? Well, It’s also easy, just click on the qualify link and use your credit or debit card to contribute. 



If you’d prefer to write a check, it must be accompanied by this downloadable form. Mail your $5 check written out to Maine Clean Elections Fund with your form to: 

Sweet for Governor
PO Box 487
Hallowell, ME 04347


“We are at a crossroads. We can continue to try and tinker with a broken system or we can do something completely different—get money out of politics and solve the real issues facing Maine people. I believe the people closest to the problem are closest to the solution, so we need to listen to them about what will work!”

~ Betsy