Compassionate Conservation

As governor, I will invite hunters, lodge owners, wilderness guides, fishermen, cattle farmers, environmentalists and animal-rights advocates to come together for productive, open-minded conversations about meeting the diverse needs of all who benefit from Maine’s incredible wilderness.

I believe that treating wildlife with respect and dignity benefits us all. Empathy lies at the heart of acting as responsible stewards of an environment that nourishes humans and animals. I support Maine traditions of fishing, hunting, and farming; I also support practices that ensure animals won't suffer. 

I oppose baiting, trapping and hounding. I oppose bludgeoning, poisoning and extended hunts. Simply put, I believe that those who treat animals with respect, who protect animals and the ecosystems that support them, create sustainable and mutually supportive environments for of all—human, animal, fish and foul. 

Compassionate Conservation principles—do no harm, individuals matter, value all wildlife, and peaceful coexistence—establish helpful guidelines for equitable policy making. We can and should live harmoniously. I look forward to working together to protect Maine’s natural resources and wild places.