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Betsy Sweet for Governor

“Maine is full of smart, hard working people. It's time
they had a government that listens to them."

The Time
Is Now

“We are focused on
changing Maine politics.”

Everything about electing Maine’s next Governor needs to change -- right here, right now. Maine needs to elect a Governor who works for us - not against us. I will work for us and I will work hard. Maine needs to elect a Governor who answers to regular Maine folks: YOU, ME, US. For thirty-five years I have been advocating in Augusta, “Under the Dome” to represent the voices of Mainers working to convince lawmakers to listen to those voices and use them to move Maine forward.

I am asking you to join me. We need to get money out of politics so we are working for “ordinary Maine people (who are extraordinary), not for big donors and their interests. I will not accept contributions from big donors, or PACS full of lobbyists’ money. Instead, I will knock on thousands of doors and enlist the support of Mainers. I am a clean elections candidate.

It’s time for real Maine values - hard work, common sense, and caring about our neighbors. That’s the real Maine. That’s who we are. That’s why I’m running for Governor. There will be many candidates to choose from. If you like the way things are, choose one of them. If you want something different, YOUR candidate just threw her hat into the ring.

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Betsy Sweet is an Advocate

She is the founder and Principal of Moose Ridge Associates, which since 1990 has promoted state legislation supporting the interests of women, people with disabilities, victims of abuse and discrimination, and the environment. Betsy managed an upset victory congressional campaign for progressive Tom Andrews in 1990. Betsy was a pioneer in women’s advocacy in Maine as Director of the Maine Women's Lobby and the Maine Commission for Women in the 1980s. She did the research that led to and then helped write Maine’s first Clean Election laws.

Betsy Sweet is an Organizer

She helped found the Dirigo Alliance, the Maine Center for Economic Policy, the Women's Legislative Agenda Coalition, and numerous other progressive coalitions over the years, knowing that we are smarter together than we are alone.

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Betsy Sweet is a Business Woman

She established her small business , Moose Ridge Associates, in 1990 where she does her advocacy, serves as a hate crime and sexual harassment prevention trainer, facilitator, and organizational development consultant. In 2009, after going back to school for her Masters Degree in Spiritual Psychology, she established a successful healing practice “SweetSpirit”, where she works as a life coach and counselor with individuals and groups.

Betsy Sweet is a Mom

Her most important and rewarding job is being a mother to her 3 spectacular daughters and their adorable dog, Bentley.

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We Want To Hear From You

Do you have a question for Betsy? Are you wondering how you can get involved? We are running a campaign that values everyone's voice. Feel free to reach out and let us know what is on your mind.

Sweet For Governor
PO Box 487
Hallowell, ME 04347

P: +207 441 3060

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I’ve spent a lifetime working to make sure ordinary Mainers who are truly extraordinary have a voice.

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